I began building guitars because I couldn’t afford
to buy the ones I dreamed of owning…

All of my design/build projects are guitars I would personally like to own myself; this is the ethos I follow when making any decision throughout the process. I do not currently accept commissions for builds, instead I choose themes or ideas as a concept and then transfer these into tangible guitar designs, striving to adopt new techniques, technologies and configurations with each subsequent project.
I believe a guitar has no soul until it has been owned and played by a musician who loves it. The instrument then moulds itself to the artist’s style, maturing as one, together. For this reason I like to theme each of my builds and impart some form of spirit within, to help it on it’s way to being a cherished and obedient servant.

Not the greatest guitarist by my own admission, I am self-taught and have enjoyed playing from the age of around 15. I found from the beginning that I enjoyed being around guitars more than actually playing them, and cut my Luthier-teeth on set-ups and minor repairs for friends and family.

The majority of my conceptual ideas come from discussions with my girlfriend and Creative Consultant Chloe Roberts.
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