Huginn – On-board distortion pedal

Artec QDD – On-board Overdrive/Distortion Effects

QDD2Huginn’s control configuration will differ slightly from it’s twin Muninn, as it will feature on-board effects provided by Artec’s QDD2 device.

This offers five separate settings:

  • 1 : True bypass (off)
  • 2 : Clean boost
  • 3 : Blues Overdrive
  • 4 : Rock distortion
  • 5 : Heavy Metal

A great degree of versatility is added by this effects circuit, offering tone and overdrive/distortion options embedded within the guitar; eliminating the need of an external distortion pedal.

Powered by a single 9V battery housed within the control cavity will give over 3000 hours of use. An additional control position will be drilled for the QDD2 rotary selector accompanying the push-pull master volume control and coil-splitting functionality.

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